I Heart the Cart Theme Poll

We want you to decide on our next cart sale theme!

Voting is simple just choose which theme you like best and click the little circle next to it, then hit the vote button.

Voting is now closed, thank you to everyone that voted.

The theme will be announced at the upcoming Quick Like a Bunny cart sale and hunt.

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Free Cart Winner

The New Years Resolution cart sale is almost over and I wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated.

A big you’re awesome to all of you who put out the cart sale poster in your stores and those of you that blogged the sale, well done. I have been around to your stores and have the name of the free cart winner.

Sour Pickles

Congratulations Xandra Bressig of Sour Pickles the free 20 prim cart is all yours!

This could be you next time just make sure you put out your cart sale signs, add the sale to your picks or blog about it and you’ll be entered to win.

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The New Years Resolution Cart sale on Hunt SL

We are in the current faires & events section of HUNT SL

A big thank you to Hunt SL for the exposure.

New Years Res

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New Years Resolution Cart Sale Vendors

The New Years Resolution Cart Sale begins this Saturday and I am happy to announce the lineup of creative vendors participating this time around.

The sale runs for two weeks (January 17th to January 31st) so make sure you stop by and take a peek at what everyone has to offer.

This sale is a little different from past sales. Each vendor was able to choose a “resolution” for their cart, which became their theme.

Each resolution is unique but will hopefully appeal to just about everyone. These are the resolutions you could choose from: All $10 Linden items on your cart, all $50 Linden items on your cart, all new items on your cart and last but not least all exclusive items on your cart.

For those of you who don’t have a bunch of Lindens to blow on a shopping spree there is a freebie item on each and every cart, plus (for those of you with wallets full of virtual cash) the added bonus of a few wonderfully addictive Gacha machines.

Below you will find the list of vendors along with their resolution for the cart sale.

Click HERE to visit the sale.

billboard storaxtree

StoraxTree Resolution – $50 Linden Items

billboard storaxtree

StoraxTree Resolution – $10 Linden Items

Dondi's Doodads Logo5-NO ALPHA

Dondi’s Doodads Resolution – All New Items

an lema

An Lema Resolution – $10 Linden Items

New Logo J&A tga

J&A Rock Culture Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Mesh Monster logo

Mesh Monster Resolution – All New Items

Something New Resolution – $10 Linden Items

Aly's Shop logo

Aly’s Shop Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Sour Pickles

Sour Pickles Resolution – All Exclusive Items

playdead Logo512

Play Dead Resolution – $10 Linden Items

Miss Darcy Logo 2013

Miss Darcy Resolution – All New Items


{Co*Motion} Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Cupcake Clothing Store Sign

Cupcake Clothing Resolution – All New Items

kimba butterfly poster pic_003

Kimba’s Boutique Resolution – $10 Linden Items


[PC] PIXEL CREATIONS Resolution – $50 Linden Items

The Artist Shed Sign Texture

The Artist Shed Resolution – All New Items

dls logo

[dirty.little.secret] Resolution – $10 Linden Items

dls logo

[dirty.little.secret] Resolution – All New Items

~Mesh Glam~ Resolution – $10 Linden Items


Purple Moon Resolution – $50 Linden Items


Lucky Charms Clothing – $50 Linden Items


Living Vintage Southern Resolution – $10 Linden Items

Living Vintage Couture

Living Vintage Couture Resolution – $10 Linden Items

Crazy Pastry Designs Logo

Crazy Pastry Design Resolution – $50 Linden Items

blah.BLAH.blah3 Logo

Blah Blah Blah Resolution – $50 Linden Items


Dragon Lady’s Closet Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Dragon L Designs

Dragon Lady Designs Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Nerdology Sign V3

Nerdology Resolution – All New Items


Vengeful Threads Resolution – All New Items

Elation banner - square (Syrahalize Resident)

Elation Resolution – $50 Linden Items

Elation banner - square (Syrahalize Resident)

Elation Resolution – All Exclusive Items

DressMe Logo4512x512

Dress Me Designs Resolution – All New Items

FAC Logo New 11112013

Fairey Angel Creations Resolution – $50 Linden Items

BPD Logo

Beyond Persuasion Design Resolution – $50 Linden Items

BPD Logo

Beyond Persuasion Design Petites Resolution – All Exclusives

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Cart Sale Shenanigans + Free Cart Winner

Ok, so the Night of the Living Cart Sale and Mini Hunt has been running for awhile and of course as usual Marge is up to no good. Below are some examples of what she’ll get up to once all the planning and setting up is complete and the sale is underway.

Me & Morris

Here she is patronising one of her mesh employees.


And this is what she’ll do to you if you insist on standing in your cart modeling the exact same dress everyday.

Nerdology Sign V3

Then again sometimes she can be pretty nice…

Announcing the free cart winner for this round (in case you couldn’t guess)…

Congrats to Azlyn Shamrock & Caronwynn Chau of Nerdology! You get a free 20 prim cart at the next sale.


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