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The Welcome to Heck Cart Sale Hunt Gifts

The Welcome to Heck Cart Sale and Hunt begins October 1st and runs until October 31st.

The merchants have been getting all hot and bothered making fiery gifts and spooky goodies for you all.

Below you can view photos of the gifts you will find if you participate in the hunt but make sure to stop and check out the carts as well. Each has an exclusive themed and L$10 item, not to mention the free gifties and gachas.

Click HERE to visit the sale/hunt!


Hunt Gifts & Hints:

1. Diva Baby Boutique
Hint: Along the Lava Stream above…Be careful not to step in it!

2. Lilith’s Den
Hint: We are the highest three

3. Storax Tree
Hint: Climb a tree to find me

4. Z.O.E.
Hint: Shaded by the ghostly memories of a once full tree, I sit in relative safety from the lava. I hear voices drifting over to me from the nearby market and shed a tear that I can no longer shop, too.

5. Lunar Seasonal Designs
Hint: And I had you in the palm of my hand

6. Cupcake Clothing
Hint: I think I hear a voice coming from this little cave…he’s saying something about the heat…

7. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: They say the lava flow to Heck is paved with bad intentions!

8. DragonLady Designs Gallery
Hint: If this was a waterfall it would be heavenly.

9. Jezzixa Cazalet for Prism Designs
Hint: Wear your boots and don’t get wet!

10. Sin Original
Hint: Over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house we go. Instead of snow seeing fire and brimstone and ooo look at that lava flow.

11. Grumble
Hint: If you look up, you will miss me.

12. Kimba’s Boutique
Hint: Between the peaks that look like little boobies…oh gee…I’m going to heck…

13. .::LUNA::. Body Art
Hint: Hold my hand.

14. I Heart the Cart
Hint: There was no one at the gates of Heck!

15. by Chiana Oh
Hint: I saw a prize? -Where?- There near the stair! Better catch it before it falls into the flames!

16. :Shame.:
Hint: You gotta go with the flow!

17. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: On the stone walkway!

18. Sour Pickles
Hint: “I’m on top of the wor–OUCH LAVA!”

19. Tylar’s Treasures
Hint: I am just beyond the flames sitting next to a tree. Come get me before I burn up!

20. .TeaBunny.
Hint: You really need to watch your step when searching for this prize!

21. Timeless Textures
Hint: Burning in the FLAMES of Hell…

22. Closet Full of Pancakes
Hint: One is the loneliest number…I’m waiting on the cliff-side just for you.

23. Vintage Touch
Hint: I’m perched above and burning hot!

24. Dondi’s Doodad’s
Hint: Overlooking the waterfall of lava flowing past me while nestled safely in the mountain.

25. BrattyLane Creations
Hint: Careful not to get burnt!..Shall you get caught up in the fire burning hop in the water behind you to put it out quick.

26. DragonLady’s Closet
Hint: You had better duck your head or you may fall into the sea

27. Sassy Brats
Hint: I’m I up, or down?

28. Something New
Hint: Her terrible Blind Date led her to the top of the dead tree!

29. Purple Moon
Hint: Can we burn in a Volcano?

30. The Artist Shed
Hint: In the mist dark figures move and twist…was all this for real, or just some kind of heck?

31. Artistic.Rage
Hint: I rather sit at this tree than climb that hill.

32. Brandy’s Boutique – SKIP
Hint: Climb by the lava flow to see me


I hope you enjoyed the hunt, if you did please consider nominating the Welcome to Heck Cart Sale Hunt for a Huntie Award in the category: Favorite Store or Sim Hunt

You can also visit Happy Hunting to nominate stores participating in this or any of the hunts you may have visited recently or plan to visit in the upcoming months.

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The Welcome to Heck Cart Sale + Hunt

Interested in participating? Visit the I Heart the Cart office to grab a vendor kit or contact MargeKinson Resident in-world.

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