Romancing the Stone Age Cart Sale Hunt Gifts

The Romancing the Stone Age Cart Sale and Hunt begins February 1st and runs until February 28th.

The merchants (as usual) have been hard at work making wonderful gifts and goodies for everyone.

Below you can view photos of the gifts you will find if you participate in the hunt but make sure to stop and check out the carts as well. Each has a theme and L$10 item, not to mention the free gifties and gachas.

Click HERE to visit the sale/hunt!


Hunt Gifts & Hints:

1. Lilith’s Den
Hint: And when I grow up I become a Tree! Maybe. But you can already hide behind me

2. Lunar Seasonal Designs
Hint: It’s almost an island!

3. Dondi’s Doodads
Hint: Nestled in the mountains, staring at the lake, and watching the days go by

4. Grumble
Hint: It’s all about the pot, or two

5. Cupcake Clothing
Hint: I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in…

6. .TeaBunny.
Hint: Finding this prize will be much easier than looking for a needle in a haystack!

Hint: Next to the one of a bunch of three… so we don’t feel alone

8. An Lema
Hint: Between a rock and a hard place

9. Sin Original
Hint: I’m on the peninsula surrounded mostly by water…fun fun

10. Something New
Hint: Don’t be juggling while entering the cave!

11. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Put a little FIRE in your romance!

12. .::LUNA::. Body Art
Hint: Where you can keep warm and protected from the weather?

13. Celestial Designs
Hint: Wow this hint really….rocks

14. Crazy Pastry Designs
Hint: At the foot of a big rock is where you’ll find me

15. Inevitable Madness
Hint: Don’t Trip!

16. Prism Designs
Hint: The stone wall is strong and you will find me there

17. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: Near the Log Bridge

18. DragonLady Designs Gallery
Hint: I’m hiding under the canopy so I don’t get wet when it rains…

19. Deedles
Hint: Cozy rustic hut and a goat nearby and there you’ll find the prize

20. Butterfly Eclipse Design
Hint: I’m in a dark and wooden place where you can hide or you can live

21. HHVET Victoriana
Hint: There’s more than water in this pitcher

22. Sour Pickles
Hint: I need a nice place to lay down my furs

23. The Artist Shed
Hint: A long time ago…before indoor plumbing…

24. Emotions by Purple Moon
Hint: You need to climb to find me… or maybe fly?

25. DragonLady’s Closet
Hint: Don’t let the Pampas Grass tickle your toes!

26. Sophisticate
Hint: Don’t Get Stoned

27. Brandy’s Boutique
Hint: Cross the river and to the cave…look high, look low…or even behind

28. StoraxTree
Hint: Look near the base of a tree

29. Shae’s Designs
Hint: I lay beside the stone lined wheat field

30. I Heart the Cart
Hint: I thought this was the “Stone Age” not the “Stoned Age”…


I hope you enjoyed the hunt, if you did please consider nominating the Romancing the Stone Age Cart Sale Hunt for a Huntie Award in the category: Favorite Store or Sim Hunt

You can also visit Happy Hunting to nominate stores participating in this or any of the hunts you may have visited recently or plan to visit in the upcoming months.

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