Hocus Pocus Cart Sale Hunt Gifts

The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale and Hunt begins October 1st and runs until October 31st.

The magical merchants have been hard at work making enchanting gifts and goodies for all the ghosts and goblins.

Below you can view photos of the gifts you will find if you participate in the hunt but make sure to stop and check out the carts as well. Each has a theme and L$10 item, not to mention the free gifties and gachas.

Click HERE to visit the sale/hunt!


Hunt Gifts & Hints:

1. by Chiana Oh
Hint: Don’t CAVE in yet. You can find me!

2. {Poème}
Hint: I see a sea of carts from where I am by the water!

Hint: The crystal ball holds a secret

4. Brandy’s Boutique
Hint: Damn the rock dam

5. Dixie Designs
Hint: Talk about being between a rock and hard place.  Put on your Miners hat to find me

6. DragonLady Designs Gallery
Hint: You are going to need a ladder, or a good pair of strong wings

7. Epicine
Hint: Where diamonds and ghosts hide

8. An Lema
Hint: No rest have I from sea or shore

9. Cog & Fleur
Hint: I might almost be a headstone, at the back of the tiny chapel

10. Something New
Hint: If you dare, don’t let the cobwebs stop you from entering deep within the ghostly walls

11. Del Alba Creations
Hint: It’s stuck in the spider’s web

12. Pink Passion
Hint: There may not be a “light at the end of the tunnel” but there are pink sparkles and that’s kinda the same thing!

13. Dixie Dandelion
Hint: I don’t mean to be cryptic, I pray you find me

14. DragonLady’s Closet
Hint: “Slowly I Turned  … step by step … inch by inch …”  Better wear a ‘Maid of the Mist’ yellow raincoat!

15. I Heart the Cart
Hint: A crystal shard is what you seek…find the one shard among many

16. Inevitable Madness
Hint: I can see just about everything up here!

17. Ingenious Fantasy
Hint: Must be on top of the shed

18. Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Through the arch, the treasure find!

19. .TeaBunny.
Hint: “Watch that first step; it’s a doozy!”

20. Lilith’s Den
Hint: There be light, even in darkness

21. Game Over
Hint: it’s a spooky night, hope the bogeyman doesn’t find me

22. Emberotic’s Fashion Designs
Hint: By the water’s edge

23. .::LUNA::. Body Art
Hint: Where the 7 Dwarfs of Snow White work

24. Purple Moon
Hint: I found a stone moon!!!

25. Dondi’s Doodads
Hint: High on a rocky peak, I sit calmly watching the water while trying not to stare at the phallic like rock by my side.

26. Grumble
Hint: Don’t get sucked into the portal!

27. Vintage Touch
Hint: I’m a miner, 49-er and ready to go into a MINE!

28. The Bare Naked lady
Hint: Under the crystal Ball is where I’ll be

29. Sour Pickles
Hint: Always resting at the foot of a mother and her child

30. Sevyn East

31. Tylar’s Treasures
Hint: Magical things rest near a waterfall

32. Le Feal
Hint: Time has come and gone, but here I still stand, as a watch tower from old, I watch out over the land. I may be holy, I may have a heart of stone. But I will still be here, when your dead and gone.


33. Miss Darcy
Hint: Don’t worry. You won’t get the shaft–just a gift!

34. Celestial Designs
Hint: What’s that hiding beyond the Shed?

35. {.Gross Princess.}
Hint: Dive in or cave in?!

36. The Cheeky Parrot Boutique
Hint: Follow the River of Life to the mystic pool of Singing Waters, rise up in the mist to the source and find your prize.

37. Sin Original
Hint: Across the river, through the trees, over the mountain by a small pond you’ll find me.

38.  Lunar Seasonal Designs
Hint: At the Feet of the Spruce Trees

39. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: At the bottom of the Tunnel, where is the Picnic Lantern?

40. Halloween Delights
Hint: The colored lights are so pretty!

41. Go Frock Yourself
Hint: Inside the old mine is where you’ll find me.

42. porcelan
Hint: my cart crashed, don’t enter, it’s not allowed

43. The Emporium
Hint: When you land here I am, always watching you.


I hope you enjoyed the hunt, if you did please consider nominating the Hocus Pocus Cart Sale Hunt for a Huntie Award in the category: Favorite Store or Sim Hunt

You can also visit Happy Hunting to nominate stores participating in this or any of the hunts you may have visited recently or plan to visit in the upcoming months.

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