Oh So Skelegant Photo Contest Winner…s

Alright, so the Skelegant Photo Contest wasn’t exactly a rousing success, we received well…a few entries and by a few I mean I can keep track of them on two hands (and one of those hands only has four fingers on it).

Of course that wasn’t the intention of the contest, it was so there would be a few photos of the sale kicking around. I decorate the heck out of the place but never take any photos to commemorate the occasion, so I thought heck, I’ll offer Lindens and someone else will immortalize the décor in a photo.

And a photo is what I got, well nine photos…


By RainbowSuccubus


By ScarlettRose


By KazzyThePyro


By Dean


By Zee Genezzia

These are my 5 favourites (a couple of people submitted more than one photo, which gave us nine).

Now, what is a person to do? Two of the entries had the wrong title, so that would count them out and leave me with three to choose from but the fact is, I can’t really decide. I mean if there had been a ton of entries I would have had to narrow it down to one (I may look independently wealthy but believe me I’m not).

So here’s the one time deal, I’m going to award L$1000 to everyone who submitted an entry, call me sentimental/crazy but I feel like I need to thank these kind people for taking the time to photograph my event and make me feel nine times special.

Congrats to you all and thank you so much for entering.

XO Marge

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2 thoughts on “Oh So Skelegant Photo Contest Winner…s

  1. Oops, I didn’t realize there was a photo contest! I had a wonderful time there 😀 I’ve added a few shots to the Flickr, better late than never. That was an awesome build.

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