Under the Sea Cart Sale + Treasure Hunt

The Under the Sea Cart Sale and Treasure Hunt is almost here, in fact it begins in only a matter of hours. The vendors have been working hard to create wonderful underwater gifts and goodies for you all.

Below you will find some photos of the hunt gifts and freebies you can find if you participate in the hunt.

Keep in mind this isn’t all the gifts.

Hunt Gifts:

~Mesh Glam~Anchors Away Lip Piercing Ad blah.BLAH.blah Neeva High Hip Swimsuit-11 Color Hud CoralAdornedSign CP Anchors Aweigh Ballet Flats 1024 CYNDI'S MERMAID SEAWEED DD Mesh Summer Memories Shelf Dingle Hopper Glasses Poster Fara Green-Gold Fish Lamp Poster Golden Treasures_t Grumble-Under the sea Hunt Gift Hermit Crab Decor AdPic Hunt Swimsuit Always Bonham Designs LC Mackerel Can Hunt Gift 2L May Day Hunt - SOS Poster ( Cupcake Clothing ) MHC+MHP_Sea Deep~Slink Nails AD(HUNT 2L) Miss Darcy - Under the Sea Pool Chair Cape Cod Blue (x1024) SN~ One Last Dance Under the Sea Cart Sale + Treasure Hunt  (July 1 - 31) hunt ite Under the sea HUNT PRIZE artnouveau mermaid Untamed Designs Sandy Shells Chair 'Yo-ho-ho!' by Chiana Oh [Hunt Prize] .__LUNA__. Body Art Under the Sea Hunt [CoMotion] Starfish Earrings - Gold&Zircon-Hunt

Snapshot _ Alqualonde the Swanhaven, Alqualonde the Swanhaven (Mesh Monster surfer necklaceJustBeachyAd

The Long Dress

Vengeful Threads-Slink Nail- Dark Waters _Add

Blouse with Fringes Blue


MHC+MHP_Starfish Nose Piercing (Treasure)Grumble Under the sea Freebie Gift


blah.BLAH.blah Jade Skinny JeansSN~Catfished

'Thar Be Treasure!' by Chiana Oh [Treasure Chest Item]Porthole chair Poster

Miss Darcy - Summer Salsa - Under the Sea Treasure Chest Gift[CoMotion] Starfish Earrings - Gold&Emerald-Freebie

Gerda Green~Mesh Glam~Due North Ring and Bracelet Ad.

.__LUNA__.  Body Art - Under the Sea FreebieCP Classic Pearl Set pink 1024

Coastal Coffee Table Engraved Gold (x1024)Royalish Crown Advert - I Heart the Cart

CYNDI'S MERMAID PICTUREMesh Monster hunt prize 2

Always Bonham FreebieFolder Dolphin NecklacePaganromanceseagreenBeachy Freebie Market Place

JewelsAdAn Lema's treasure freebie gift

Flip-Flop Charm Necklace Ad--July Cart Freebie_ Nerdology

If you want to hunt for these treasures in an underwater setting then make sure you stop by the sale. It runs from July 1st to July 31st.

Oh and of course if you aren’t into hunts you can always just visit the cart sale, there are a lot of fantastic finds there as well.

Under the Sea Cart Sale

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One thought on “Under the Sea Cart Sale + Treasure Hunt

  1. […] A hunt is also running alongside the sale and this one is a little bit special – it’s organized like an authentic treasure hunt where you only get the next clue by solving the one before. It’s so much fun and the reward for putting in that little bit extra effort is the location to a hidden prize spot bursting with free goodies for you! You can see some of the prize preview here. […]

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