Quick Like a Bunny Sim Hunt Gifts

Below you will find photos of all the Spring inspired gifts you can go searching for during the I Heart the Cart Quick Like a Bunny Sim Hunt.

The hunt runs from April 4th to April 18th, all items are $2 Lindens and you are searching for bunnies!

Click on any of the photos to get a better look at the item.

Sour Pickles

1. Sour Pickles – Photo N/A

2. Beyond Persuasion Design

3. by Chiana Oh

4. The Madness Within

5. Seddy’s Creations

6. Living Vintage for Men

7. Purple Moon

8. J&A Rock Culture

9. She-Wolf Fashion

10. Living Vintage Southern

11. Vengeful Threads

12. An Lema

13. Living Vintage Couture

14. Dondi’s Doodads

15. Nail Me

16. Mesh Monster

17. Crazy Pastry Designs

18. Wise Walls by Dede

19. Something New

___CPD___ Evil Bunny Slippers

20. Chaos, Panic & Disorder!

21. The Little Branch

22. Fairey Angel Creations

23. Grumble

24.  Cupcake Clothing

25. Dirty Little Secret

26. Dyrssen Designs

27. Closet Full of Pancakes

28. I Heart the Cart

29. Nerdology

30. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

31. MumuHime Clothing


33. Wrappings Texture Outlet

34. DragonLady’s Closet

35. {Co*Motion}

36. StoraxTree

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One thought on “Quick Like a Bunny Sim Hunt Gifts

  1. […] The sim the cart sale is held on is adorable – so be sure to explore it as you hunt for the 2L prizes scattered around – my prize (a ‘3D’ Bunnies! picture) can be seen at the bottom of this post and you can also check out all the hunt prizes on offer here. […]

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